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4-way Clockport Expander at Amiga Kit Amiga Store
Posted by - 24 June 2017 18:39's Avatar  Amiga Kit Amiga Store is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Matthias Muench to supply his innovative 4-way Clockport Expander for the Amiga 1200 computer.

Matthias has created the first buffered Clockport expander which allows up to 4 devices to be connected to an Amiga 1200's 22-pin clockport header. With such a rich array of clockport expansions available these days, this is a very popular expansion with A1200 users. We are pleased to be able to supply the latest revision C of this expander board.

Amiga Kit has been manufacturing, assembling and commissioning Amiga hardware and software for over 13 years. We have been assembling this product in house to ensure Classic Amiga users have a readily available supply of hardware at affordable prices. We will continue to show our commitment by investing in the Amiga market and sponsor hardware and software development.

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New English issue of Skrolli magazine available for pre-order - Amiga included
Posted by jtsiren - 21 June 2017 18:00
The computer culture magazine Skrolli launched an international version last year and is coming out with the second English issue this August, 2017. The issue will also feature a story on the Amiga hobby.

The mainly volunteer-based, yet professional quality magazine hailing from Finland, covers the entire breadth of the computing culture, from DIY to readymade, from productivity to games, from old to new. About the only thing it isn't, is a catalogue of product reviews, like so many magazines. Neither is it a "retro" magazine. Skrolli is an age-agnostic computer magazine for thinkers and tinkerers.

While Skrolli is not an Amiga magazine, it has plenty of Amiga enthusiasts as writers, and often covers Amiga topics in its Finnish edition as an important part of computing culture. Amiga will be included in the second English issue as well.

If you are interested, the first English issue is available for order and second issue for pre-order at Skrolli's website, both in glossy paper and digital app formats:

For a free sample issue and a FAQ on what is Skrolli, see:
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Powerglove OST
Posted by Lazycow - 17 June 2017 07:51
Lazycow's Avatar  Pierre Martin has released the complete soundtrack for the upcoming game POWERGLOVE on bandcamp:

(devlog of the game:
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AROS Nightly Builds
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 16 June 2017 10:05

Nightly Builds 15 June 2017

Nightly Build (ABIv1) AROS PC-i386 Floppy/ISO 15-06-2017 Download

Nightly Build (ABIv1) AROS PC-i386 Contrib 15-06-2017 Download

Nightly Build (ABIv1) AROS 68k Floppy/ISO 15-06-2017 Download

Nightly Build (ABIv1) AROS 68k Contrib 15-06-2017 Download
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WinUAE 3.5.0 released
Posted by Toni Wilen - 15 June 2017 19:24
WinUAE 3.5.0 (15.06.2017) released.

New emulated hardware

- Comspec SA-1000
- California Access Malibu
- DKB RapidFire
- M-Tec AT-500 Megabody

New features

- Softfloat FPU emulation mode. Bit perfect FPU emulation (except transcendental functions), including full arithmetic exception support. (Co-operation with Previous emulator author)
- Lightpen emulation absolute coordinate HID (USB light guns) and touch screen device support.
- American Laser Games second player and Actionware dual light gun adapter emulation.
- Real harddrive mount lock option. Enables full exclusive access even if drive has Windows mounted FAT partition(s).
- winlaunch.lib is now built-in feature and is also 64-bit compatible.
- Show [Paused] in windowed mode title bar when in pause mode.
- If statefile is loaded with one or more floppy images that can't be opened: keep fake disk in drive (like previously) and ask for new disk path when missing disk is accessed for the first time.

Custom chipset features emulated

- AGA FMODE>0 unaligned bitplane and sprite pointer behavior implemented, resulting display corruption is now 100% accurate.
- BPLCON4 XOR mask special case in HAM6/8 or EHB modes.
- Loading blitter B-DAT manually when B-shift was nonzero.
- Lightpen hardware is now cycle-exactly emulated.
- Sprite special case when DMA mode sprite's start X-coordinate is less than sprite's DMA slot position.
- Audio interrupts are delayed by 2 cycles.

Feature improvements

- 68020+ T0 trace mode is now fully emulated.
- 68020 cycle exact mode adjustments.
- Memory cycle exact mode mode accuracy improved
- Implemented previously unimplemented bsdsocket.library emulation sendmsg() and recvmsg().
- Recursive mode ROM scanner now skips directories starting with dot.
- MMU emulation can be now switched on/off on the fly.
- Release all currently pressed keys when emulation pauses.
- Added memory cycle-exact Quickstart step for A1200 and CD32 configurations. Less CPU heavy than full cycle-exact and usually not much more worse (or better). At least not until 68020 CE gets better.
- Escape old style directory and hardfile paths if it contains ",".
- Masoboshi MasterCard fully implemented, including DMA support.

Bug fixes

- FM801 16-bit audio corruption.
- A2090 ST-506 emulation.
- Possible crash when display was very wide with bitplane DMA overrun condition.
- Fixed crash when sound card audio play started and channel mode was mono and "Include CD and FMV audio" was ticked.
- Fixed crash when accessing accelerator board SCSI IO region without any added SCSI device(s).
- Fixed crash if Blizzard accelerator on board memory size was set to zero.
- JIT was not 512k or 1M Chip RAM compatible.
- Manual RAM configuration GUI didn't accept smaller end address than current board size.
- Manually configured but disabled (size zero) Z2/Z3 banks were added to system.
- Apollo 1240/1260 memory address space fixed
- PC bridgeboard NE2000 boot crash fix.
- Windowed mode mouse does not anymore hit hidden barriers if window is partially outside of desktop or uncaptured if window is on top of task bar.
- If Custom autoconfig board order was enabled, expansion devices custom config setting(s) was not saved correctly.
- 68000 address error stacked PC was not correct in some read-modify-write instructions
- Untrap middle mouse button option was stuck.
- GUI listview column width calculation used default font size, not selected font.
- 68030 CE/prefetch mode cache access bug fixed.
- G-REX and Cirrus Logic graphics board state was reset if RAM or HW Info GUI panels were opened after emulation was started.

And more…

[bug reports in this thread will be ignored]
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icon  Amiga Future 127 preview are now available online
Posted by AndreasM - 15 June 2017 14:23
AndreasM's Avatar  The full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 127 (July/August 2017) are now available online.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Preview Powerglove
Review Prisma Megamix
Show Report Revision 2017

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine.

Needless to say you'll find some FULL versions of software, often what was commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, all of the Amiga type Operating systems, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the cover CD.

A detailed description of content and excerpts can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine - every issue is available in FULL COLOUR - directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.

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OpenBOR - The 2D Side Scrolling Engine Ported to Classic Amiga !
Posted by lantus360 - 15 June 2017 08:18
Hi there!

i've ported OpenBOR Engine to 68K Amigas. If you aren't familiar with OpenBOR it is the ultimate 2D side scrolling engine. OpenBOR is the open source continuation of Beats of Rage, a Streets of Rage tribute game originally developed by Senile Team

You will need at least an Amiga with a fast 68040 AGA or RTG to play this.

I uploaded it the Zone and to Aminet tonight but link still may need a few hours to appear -

Complete instructions available in the Readme.

Screen shots below are captured on my Amiga A600 with Vampire 2

Source Code available at -

Video showing performance on real Amiga hardware (A4000, A1200, Vampire 2) -

I also livestreamed how I ported this over to the Amiga on my youtube channel over the past 2 weekends - if people were interested in that

Let me know how you like the port. I have fun working on this. Right then - off to play some Final Fight in OpenBOR
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Phase 5 - Upcoming Blizzard PPC Accelerator
Posted by antiriad76 - 13 June 2017 18:58
I haven't seen any discussion on this in this forum but it Seems that Phase 5 might be coming back with a new release of the Blizzard PPC Accelerator.

I think the sourcing of the 68060 Chips or even the PCC 603+ might make this a very limited release product.

Any thoughts?
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 09 June 2017 21:58

AmiArcadia are multi-emulators of these machines:

The Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982);
The Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Hanimex, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Soundic, Voltmace, Waddington, etc.) (c. 1978);
The Elektor TV Games Computer (1979);
PIPBUG-based machines (EA 77up2, EA 78up5, Signetics Adaptable Board Computer, Eurocard 2650, etc.) (c. 1977-1978);
The Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978);
The Central Data 2650 computer (1977);
The Astro Wars, Cat and Mouse, Galaxia, and Laser Battle coin-ops by Zaccaria (1979-1982);
The Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops by Kitronix (c. 1980);
The Chaos 2 computer (1983);
The Dolphin trainer (1977);
The PHUNSY computer (c. 1980); and
AY-3-8550-based Pong systems (c. 1976).

Features include:

ReAction GUI
load/save snapshots, windowed and full-screen modes,
CPU tracing
Drag and drop support
Graphics scaling
Automatic load/save of configuration/game,
Keyboard/joystick/gamepad/paddle/mouse/trackball support
Turbo mod
Sprite demultiplexing
Help windows
Source code
Frame skipping
Redefinable keys
Save screenshots (4 supportedformats)
ARexx port
Betwork play (IPv4 and IPv6)
Real-time monitor
Locale support
Game selection sidebar, text-to-speech, printer output,
Support for ZIPped games
Clipboard support
Palette editor

AmiArcadia v24.58 OS3.5/3.9 Download

AmiArcadia v24.58 OS4 Download

AmiArcadia v24.58 MOS Download
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Lumberjack Reloaded - Preorders
Posted by Cobe - 08 June 2017 23:47
Lumberjack Reloaded is finished!

It's time once again to rip off your grey and boring suit and reveal the red flannel shirt you are hiding under your clothes.
Let your beard grow and equip yourself with a big axe and enter the woods.
Just admit it, You’ve always wanted to be a LUMBERJACK!
This is your chance to turn your dreams intro reality. Enter the forest and start chopping wood, but beware of the branches, if they hit you – they will kill you!

You can preoder your copy now at

Shipment of a physical release starts in July.
We wanted both physical and digital releases to reach buyers at about the same time and cause of this digital download links won't be sent before 20th July.

For collectors:

Amiga CD, BOX version - 6 euros + shipping(6 euros)

It's bootable on CDTV and CD32. On Amigas equipped with CD-rom it's playable from CD or it can be HD installed, just drag n'drop Lumberjack_Reloaded folder.
On CD32, game saves high scores to NVRAM and if you make the highest score you'll unlock a reward
If you're not feeling just "Amiga nostalgic", but more like "C64 nostalgic", if you hold fire during boot C64 port of Lumberjack will be loaded.

The kit includes:
color printed manual
CD with the game
white 14 mm box with cover
foil on the box
floppy label
(maybe something little more but will confirm that in a few days ; )

Amiga Floppy Disk version - 1 euro(free shipping)
You can't order just floppy disk. It can be added to your already ordered CD, Box version.

Minimal requirement for floppy version is A500 512k.
It saves high scores to floppy so remember to write enable it if it already doesn't come enabled.

For generous people that are not collecting physical releases but still want to support us there are 3 digital download options:

Digital - 1 euro
You'll get ADF version of a game.

Digital, Silver - 5 euros
You get both ADF and ISO versions with soft copy of all covers(both for CD jewel case and DVD box, and Floppy Disk) and manual.
And you're getting a 20% discount ticket for shopping at

Digital, Gold - 9 euros
You get both ADF and ISO versions with soft copy of all covers(both for CD jewel case and DVD box, and Floppy Disk) and manual.
And a free e-book(any, to chose from

Since last demo that you could see here:
we added a lot of things.

Awesome title screen music by Simon JMD
High-score table(loads/saves)
Animated bunny with attitude (sarcastically)commenting your score.
Scrolling clouds.
Color-cycling animated water.
Lumberjack unique artistic font.
And copper background just because Amiga makes it possible

In gameplay we added Switch mode and Drunk mode.
Switch mode is activated after collecting all bonus items and gives you 10 points every time you switch side.
Drunk mode starts after collecting a bottle and lasts for a while. During it your commands are reversed

Promo video nr. 1:
Promo video nr. 2: coming soon
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 08 June 2017 18:49

FontWalker: Collect and display TTF fonts


- Collects all TTF font files recursively on the selected path.
- Display sample text with the selected font.
- User can assign one of the predefined font styles to each fonts.
- Load and save font collection list.


- Select a drawer or volume to look for TTF fonts.
- Select an item to display a font sample.
- Drag and drop the sample to one of the style container.
- Use the menu! It always be with you.

FontWalker v1.0 OS3: Download

FontWalker v1.0 OS4: Download

FontWalker v1.0 MOS: Download
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New IDE board for the A2000
Posted by kirk_m - 05 June 2017 02:51
Ordered one of these yesterday. Just couldn't make myself pay fleabay extortion prices for the Buddha Flash IDE. Glad to have heard about this new solution:

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Amiga Future monthly News May 2017
Posted by AndreasM - 31 May 2017 12:54
AndreasM's Avatar  4.5.2017
Amiga Future issue 126 released

The English and German issue 126 (May/June 2017) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Mag Content:

Preview Reshoot R
Review Vampire 600 V230
Review Viper 530/E-Matrix 530

and so much more ... if you haven't already, get your collectable copy ordered today

A more detailed description of the contents and previews of this issue can be found at the Amiga Future magazine hompepage.


APC&TCP celebrates 25 years

APC&TCP will be 25 years old in May.

Since 25 years, the APC&TCP distribution exists.

In its origin the APC&TCP was founded to publish the software of Computer Club members on fair terms.

However, the offer was expanded very quickly and non-members can also distribute their software via APC&TCP.

The computer club has not been around for a long time, but APC&TCP is still active.
There are still new software titles such as Roadshow, CygnusEd, DigiBooster released and also new updates are being worked on.

APC&TCP is also present in the merchandising market and has been publishing stickers, mousepads, posters and more for years.

And, of course, there is also the print magazine Amiga Future, which is almost 20 years old.

In the meantime, APC&TCP has published more than 200 products for the Amiga and hopefully become much more in the next few years.

We can not really celebrate. We simply lack in time.

You can find out more about the history of APC & TCP and the published products by visiting the following links:


Amiga Future Mag Index Update

The Amiga Future Mag Index updated today.

Amiga Future: New full versions online

The download area of the Amiga Future was updated today. So, you can now find the following full versions online:

Foundation: The Undiscovered Land

An overview of the recent uploads and changes to the download database of Amiga Future is also available from this link:

Of course we also want to be able to offer you many more full versions online, but to be able to achieve this, for you, we need your help, so ...

We are on the lookout for the Copyright holders for Amiga games and applications.
Do you know of any such person or can you actively help us in our search?
If so, then please contact us by email.

We are looking for extra support in order to revise the full versions download area of the Amiga Future webpage.
In particular, to check whether all those full versions formats (ADF, IPF, WHDLoad, AGA, CD releases, etc.) are complete.
In addition, a short description, in 2 sentences or less, about each of their system requirements and some screenshots need to be created.
If you want to help us, then please send us an email.

Amiga Future Everywhere: Android App Update released

The Amiga Future News App for Android released in the Version 1.0.2. You can download the Version on Playstore.


- network problems in update no longer crash the app
- empty RSS feeds no longer crash the app
- added dedicated large screen layouts
- fix: VIBRATE permission
- fix: handle empty posts due to faulty RSS updates
- fix: handle a rare error when app is paused

The app has been extensively tested on many different mobile phone models.
Nevertheless, mistakes can occur. We kindly ask you to report these directly to us so that we can eliminate the errors promptly.

A great thank you goes to the programmer Wei-ju Wu and Martin (Mason) Merz for the great graphics.

Also a great thank you to the many beta testers.

Amiga Future Ausgabe 103 in german & english now online

Since today you can read the Amiga Future issue 103 online on our webpage

In irregular intervals we provide older issues of the Amiga Future for free online.

The magazines and the PDF versions (in HQ) are also available in our <a href="">online shop</A>

Read the german mags online:
Read the english mags online:

Course, the provision of free content on the Amiga Future webpage also costs us.

If you want to support us, feel free to donate on our <a href="">donation page</A>.
In addition, we are looking for advertisers for our webpage.

Support Amiga Future with Amazon

You want to support the Amiga Future webpage but don't want to spend money?

Just use the Amazon-Banner when visiting the Amazon webpage, if you want to order at Amazon.

For each order we receive a small commission. With this money we pay our extensive Amiga Future webpage.

hosting costs
programming work
and whatever else.

Simply use the banner or this link directly:


Amiga Future: cheats database Update
The cheats database of Amiga Future is updates weekly by David Jahn, even at first sight if it is not immediately apparent.

The cheat database on the Amiga Future webpage is probably the biggest German collection for the Amiga.

This is not just about cheats. Many solutions, tips and tricks, as well as Freezer addresses can be found in this collection.

Meanwhile you can find more as 3400 Games Cheats and solutions in the database, and there is always more.

The database is currently completely in German. If we receive enough donations for the website, we have planned to integrate a proper online database, which will also be available in English.

Since our last report the following Updates have been added:

26.05.2017 - Scramble Spirits - Auf Funktion überprüft
26.05.2017 - Savage - Auf Funktion überprüft
26.05.2017 - R-Type 2 - Auf Funktion überprüft
26.05.2017 - R-Type - Auf Funktion überprüft
26.05.2017 - Rolling Ronny - The Errand-Boy - Auf Funktion überprüft
19.05.2017 - Rod-Land - Auf Funktion überprüft
19.05.2017 - RoboCop - Auf Funktion überprüft
19.05.2017 - Rick Dangerous 2 - Auf Funktion überprüft
19.05.2017 - Rectangle - Auf Funktion überprüft
19.05.2017 - Prehistorik - Auf Funktion überprüft
12.05.2017 - P.P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon - Auf Funktion überprüft
12.05.2017 - Plotting - Auf Funktion überprüft
12.05.2017 - Platoon - Auf Funktion überprüft
12.05.2017 - Pang - Auf Funktion überprüft
12.05.2017 - P47 Thunderbolt - Auf Funktion überprüft
05.05.2017 - Overlander (Scorpius) - Auf Funktion überprüft
05.05.2017 - Overlander (Elite) - Auf Funktion überprüft
05.05.2017 - Outzone - Auf Funktion überprüft
05.05.2017 - Out Run Europa - Auf Funktion überprüft
05.05.2017 - Ork - Auf Funktion überprüft

New Amiga Software Database Updates

The Amiga Software Database (ASD) of Amiga Future updated again.

The ASD is a database in English and German which will include complete information to all released applications, CD-ROMs, literature and much more for the Amiga.

Of course the dataset is far from complete. Meanwhile there is already information to more than 4200 titles in the database. Moreover there have been already over 6500 images integrated with more to follow.

Since our last report the following entrys have been added or changed:

Amiga Future 126-Magazines/Magazine-14.05.2017-
AccuTrans 3D-Applications 3D/Anwender 3D-13.05.2017-
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 25 May 2017 20:22

: Freeware Textviewer for OS3, OS4 and MorphOS

Here are its main features:

- Plugin system for viewing many different file types, such as AmigaGuide,
HTML, WordWorth, MSWord, RTF, directories, etc.
- Supports ANSI escape code sequences for text formatting, including full
colour text for certain file types.
- Extended set of ANSI escape code sequences for additional font styles.
- True colour text rendering on systems with graphics cards.
- Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide, directories and other file types
- Drag and drop files on the window to open them.
- ARexx port for remote control.
- Search function.
- Configurable menus for frequently used documents.
- Clipboard support.
- Locale support.
- Unlimited bookmarking system

EvenMore v091 OS3: Download
EvenMore v091 OS4: Download
EvenMore v091 MOS: Download
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ArsTechnica features "The A-EON Amiga X5000"
Posted by tygre - 25 May 2017 04:37
tygre's Avatar  Hi all!

ArsTechnica is featuring an article "The A-EON Amiga X5000: An alternate universe where the Amiga platform never died" :-)

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